Are you longing for peace and quiet?
Dear Colleagues

Are you longing for peace and quiet? Feel like taking a long break from current events while being free to conduct your business and your personal life?

Golden Reach offers help and support for establishing your business and/or your residence in Mauritius - the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean. We opened a branch of our business in late 2021 in an amazing stroke of fortunate timing. Golden Reach focuses on saving the environment: waste 2 energy (W2E) and to Save the Fish while building a blue carbon credit asset base in Mauritius.

What can Mauritius offer to YOU?

  • Low corporate tax rates
  • Low personal tax rates
  • Many flexible visa schemes including
  • Residency through purchasing real estate
  • Partnership with Beallara Residential premium Real Estate agents
  • Affiliation with very high quality Wealth
  • Management advisors
  • Practical linkages to establish your business

Golden Reach is focused on Innovation and Technology Commercialization. We are not a relocation agency. We will not charge you for providing advice and connecting you to the appropriate high quality service providers. They of course have their own fee structures as you would expect. These are turbulent times. As they say in Mauritius - Work, Live, Play!

Contact Fred at or whatsapp +79032466688.

For a good general overview request a free copy of the Economic Development Board Budget Newsletter "Our New Normal, The Economy of Life" 2020/2021 to my email address.